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Fun Foods


Popcorn machines are a great way of adding fun to your party, corporate or marketing event. It’s a classic fun food which is normally found in fairs or malls. The idea of having a popcorn machine to serve your guests with fresh made popcorn is exciting.

Popcorn machines are supplied complete with raw corn, serving bags and are available in either Sweet or Savoury flavour. The machine is manned by professional staff who will ensure that your guests enjoys hours of popping corn fun!


Another exciting way of adding fun to your parties is to have the candy floss machine. Candy spinning fun as you watch the floss spin in an assortment of colours and then bagged or added straight to a stick for you to eat.

Candy floss machine

Candy floss is normally Pink, however Red, Blue, Yellow, Green or any colour are possibilities. Candy floss machines are supplied with a trained staff member to operate the machine.

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